Thursday, January 13, 2011

My close encounter with a flying block of ice

My drive to work on Tuesday after a night of snow and sleet was a little scary.  The roads were very icy, so I was going much slower than normal.  I moved over when I saw a van was coming down the on ramp to I-40.  As they accelerated, big chunks of ice started flying off the top of the van.  Even though I was at least 30 yards back, a very large piece hit my windshield hard enough to cause it to crack from end to end like a big spiderweb. It was pretty scary, but mostly it just made me angry.  So next time I am tempted to drive without clearing off my car completely, I will remember this incident.  I am so thankful that the ice did not pierce through the windshield because the point of impact was right above my head.

From the outside it is hard to see all of the cracks

From the driver's seat

On a more positive note, I had a great time last weekend at the Snippin' Snaps crop in Hillsborough.  I worked a little bit on scrapbooking, but mostly worked on Valentine's Day cards. I am trying to finish my scrapbook of our Alaskan cruise in 2007 before I start on our Meditarrean Cruise we took in 2010.

This layout from Ketchikan, AK was posted on the National Scrapbook Examiner site.  This was my latest submission for the Creative Team for  For more information and for a list of supplies, go to the article on

I can't wait for the weather to get warmer!