Friday, December 3, 2010

My second craft show is tomorrow

I have been working really hard to get more product ready for the  St. Thomas More School Holiday Craft Shoppe this Saturday, December 4th.  Even though we go to church there, I have never been to the show.  I am hoping that there are lots of people there and that the sales are good.  I would love to go home with a fraction of my current inventory.

I worked tonight on my mock setup for the sale.  Since I will only have one 72" table, I had to rethink and rearrange my display.  I had 3 tables at the Holly Days Bazaar, so this is a lot less room and I have a few more items to sell.  I think it will be okay, just a little more crowded.

Here are a few pictures from the Holly Days Bazaar in Burlington that I did in November.  It was more successful than the prior year, but not quite as successful as I had hoped.

My booth with my pennant banner

Not a very good photo of me in my booth before the sale started

Some of the awesome cakes and pies at the bake sale
I am almost tired of making stuff for craft shows and to sell, but I am sure that will pass.  It is so gratifying to have someone buy something that I have made or to think that one of my creations would be a good gift for someone on their list!